Our Conferences at the Hulbert Outdoor Center

In the early 1990s a group of Vermonters traveled on snowy and icy roads to attend the Wilderness Canoe Symposium in Toronto. After one particularly harrowing trip, we wondered if we could replicate the format of the event in Vermont. We consulted with George Luste to get his approval. Deb and Andy Williams of the Hulbert Outdoor Center worked tirelessly to launch the Wilderness Paddlers Gathering there in 1993. Twenty-three years later, the Vermont version of the Wilderness Canoe Symposium is still going strong.

Although we will be using Hulbert’s facilities as always, we are no longer officially part of the Hulbert organization. A volunteer committee has been working to establish a new website, registration system and organizational structure to continue hosting these two events.

We also have a new name: Northern Wilderness Travelers Conferences.

Contact Information


We have formed an all volunteer committee to organze our events. We welcome suggestions and ideas for future programs. Here are the committee members.

Wendy Scott   email Wendy

Andy Williams    email Andy

Scott Ellis

Seth Gibson

Aleks Gusev

Al Stirt

Jane Barron

Dave Brown

Geoffrey Burke

Ann Ingerson